Frequent Flyer Facial

We absolutely love how often we’re on the go, I mean it is our job! Our skin, however, is on a completely different page. Every time we book a flight we feel our pores crying for help. We couldn’t be luckier that one of the best face fixers is just a few blocks from us. Dr. Boyd has a team of miracle workers that somehow can erase any dirty details that should’ve stayed on your vacation. The doc recommends a facial before and after a trip for the ideal results, but if you’re not able to do that, definitely make sure you book one for one afterwards. See below for some of the benefits of these ‘frequent flyer’ facials that we’ll definitely be frequenting. 

An express hydrafacial consists of 4 steps: 

  1. Cleansing and exfoliating 

  2. Light peel 

  3. Extraction 

  4. Antioxidant fusion and skin protection

An oxygen facial uses the power of oxygen to deliver products more effectively with a serum of your choice. One that: rejuvenates, brightens, or clarifies.

You will work with your esthetician to determine which facial is best for your skin at that particular time, or if a combination of the two will make you shine bright like a diamond! 

The most important part of facial care is the home care process. Don’t worry, we have great news to make this part easy. Dr. Boyd is the only location in Michigan that has a SkinCeuticals custom dose machine. After your custom facial, head back into the lobby to work with the team and curate your serum based on your skin’s needs. Trust us- this is the type of pop quiz you want to take! Watch the bright wheel spin and get ready to take away your liquid gold! 

Dr. Boyd’s team always makes us feel so at home, and we can’t wait for everyone else to experience it, too! Make sure to mention 48HRS for $25 off of your facial and custom dose serum! 

Valentine's Day Gifts for the Traveler

Is your sweetie pie always on the fly?

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we teamed up with Jewel to help you shop for your on-the-go loved ones. Bit by the travel bug instead of the love bug? You might just eye some goodies for yourself! #selflove


S'WELL - This yellow gold roamer bottle is just small enough to fixate into any over-packed carry-on. We love the BPA-free, triple-walled insulation that leaves no condensation on the exterior. Ain't nobody got time for a soggy laptop!

Now and throughout the month of February, you can personalize a s'well gold roamer with a name or initials of your special someone with our Jewel exclusive code: JEWEL219 for 20% off.


BOBBI BROWN - Bobbi Brown has thought of everything your skin is crying for while you're jetting through the airways. The carry-on skincare set has changed the way we feel about booking the red-eye and the tinted moisturizer gives you the glow you may not have gotten sunning on the beach. 


DKNY - This half-zip covers all the wardrobe basics. With its high-neckline zip and sherpa fleece texture, it truly takes you from your first class seat to the first glass of wine with friends. 


NET-A-PORTER: Net-a-Porter has brands like Tumi for all your luxury travel needs. Like Tumi's 'International Carry-On' - it's the perfect size for a 48-hour trip. This style has two TSA combination locks and a really user-friendly handle. Our favorite part is the organized interior - it has zipped mesh compartments and straps that holds everything in place even through the roughest turbulence. 


GROVE COLLABORATIVE - Everyone always forgets something for their trip, but this basic travel essentials bundle has you covered.  Packed with eco-friendly hand sanitizer, probiotics, face wipes, and hand lotion, you'll be clean and fresh wherever you land. Supporting Grove Collaboration in their mission to help the environment also gives us the good feels!


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