Frequent Flyer Facial

We absolutely love how often we’re on the go, I mean it is our job! Our skin, however, is on a completely different page. Every time we book a flight we feel our pores crying for help. We couldn’t be luckier that one of the best face fixers is just a few blocks from us. Dr. Boyd has a team of miracle workers that somehow can erase any dirty details that should’ve stayed on your vacation. The doc recommends a facial before and after a trip for the ideal results, but if you’re not able to do that, definitely make sure you book one for one afterwards. See below for some of the benefits of these ‘frequent flyer’ facials that we’ll definitely be frequenting. 

An express hydrafacial consists of 4 steps: 

  1. Cleansing and exfoliating 

  2. Light peel 

  3. Extraction 

  4. Antioxidant fusion and skin protection

An oxygen facial uses the power of oxygen to deliver products more effectively with a serum of your choice. One that: rejuvenates, brightens, or clarifies.

You will work with your esthetician to determine which facial is best for your skin at that particular time, or if a combination of the two will make you shine bright like a diamond! 

The most important part of facial care is the home care process. Don’t worry, we have great news to make this part easy. Dr. Boyd is the only location in Michigan that has a SkinCeuticals custom dose machine. After your custom facial, head back into the lobby to work with the team and curate your serum based on your skin’s needs. Trust us- this is the type of pop quiz you want to take! Watch the bright wheel spin and get ready to take away your liquid gold! 

Dr. Boyd’s team always makes us feel so at home, and we can’t wait for everyone else to experience it, too! Make sure to mention 48HRS for $25 off of your facial and custom dose serum!